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Give Your Future Tattoo A Test Run

Henna Tattoo in KC

Thinking about getting a tattoo but wavering about the commitment to your design?

Henna & Jagua tattoos are a great way to give your possible new tattoo a test run. Henna tattoos can last up to 2 weeks and Jagua can last up to 3 weeks. Jagua with its blue-black ink stain even looks like a real tattoo and stains on darker complexions.

Wondering how to go about this process? You can schedule a consultation at KC BEAUTY HENNA, send me a picture of your new possible tattoo and I can use the henna or Jagua to create the look that you are looking for. If you love it and don't want it to go away then schedule your tattoo appointment with your favorite tattoo artist. If you don't care for it as much as you thought you would then schedule and appointment with me and we can give a different design a go! Either way it's a win/win.

Book your appointment today on our website or by calling 816-888-0486.

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