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Henna for the Heart & Head

I feel extremely blessed that I get to have such a fun and rewarding business. I feel extremely blessed that I am healthy and that I have my hair. If my hair were to disappear tomorrow I can not imagine the effect that would have on how I viewed myself. When you think about it hair seems like such a funny thing to freak out about. My friend is even doing an art piece about how we use our hair as a tool to communicate because its one of the first things that people see.

I have seen how cancer can wreak a woman's self-esteem. To an already suffering person, hair-loss seems like a mean and cruel extra kick in the pants. I have never had to deal with hair-loss due to cancer or illness and I feel thankful for that but my heart is torn for those who have to deal with this.

I have tried to spread the word that I do free Henna Head Tattoos for people who have lost their hair due to cancer but I do not know that many people who have been afflicted in this way. I know that their are people out their that might be interested in this service and I wanted to do all I could do to spread the word. I hope to be able to make a woman who has struggled with her self image feel beautiful again. I can't take someones cancer away but I pray that God would use me to lift someones spirit through the gift of henna. If you know of anyone that has struggled in this way in the Kansas City area please send them to me, have them call me or contact me through our website. Thank you for your time and I pray topics like these and moments like these help us to remember how truly blessed we are.

This is a picture that I pulled off online so photo credit to whomever it belongs to.

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