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Tez Gardner

Martez Gardner owner of Petra de Salon & Spa
Hair Salon Kansas City
Hair Stylist Kansas City

I was formally trained in a mom and pop hair school in Phoenix Arizona. After playing minor league baseball I thought it important that my next career move also be something I enjoy doing.

So in 1995 I became licensed as a professional cosmetologist and moved back to my hometown of Kansas City.  Over my 20 plus years I've traveled all over country. As a platform artist for Joyce Williams I was able teach and perform before numerous of crowds at major hair conventions.

As well as teach classes at various schools across this great country.  I provide all your basic shampoo and relaxer services. I specialize in cutting and short hair styling.  I made a decision decades ago that doing hair is more than the physical hands on service. I realized that sometimes people just wanted to talk, share stories and by the way, look good when they were finished telling those stories.

Often the people telling the stories looked to me for answers. I realized that what I said mattered as much as the physical service rendered. For the past 20+ years I've been stylist, counselor and friend to many women in the Kansas City area. 

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