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Radiant Light Imagery

Hello, My name is Rebekah and I am the owner of Radiant light Imagery.

Please allow me to start off with a little background information about myself. I have been creating art since I was a child. When I would get in trouble, when I was a kid my mother would send me up to my room and she couldn't figure out why I was so okay with this punishment, until I was 18 and moving out of the house then she saw all of the murals painted on the back of my furniture.

I have always striven to teach myself anything that I didn't understand that was within my capability. I struggled through school and dropped out at an early age, not that it should define me. I went on to continue in the arts I had on the job training at a very busy photography studio in Sarasota, Florida. I worked my way up from an intern to management within one year. I learned the in's and out's of a busy photography and graphic arts studio. I thirsted to increase my knowledge about portrait lighting and graphic retouching. The local technical college brought me on as a guest teacher for about 2 years. It was my joy to be able to share this photography knowledge that I had learned in a comprehensible way to my students. I took on 15 interns over that two year span and watched them succeed as they went on to study at prestigious universities such as Ringling College. Over the last ten years I also, by the grace of God taught myself website design, graphic design, software integration, business management & I became a self taught business systems analysis.

Radiant Light Imagery is more than a company to me, It is the production of many difficult lessons about life and business. I truly feel that the Lord gave me the name Radiant Light Imagery to be a light in a dark world. I strive to represent something far greater than myself. It's not a secret that the world of media production seems to be overtaken with "Sex sells" imagery and my hearts desire is to bring light and love to a brainwashed society of young people.

Out of all the aspects of my business teaching is and will forever be my favorite part.

I teach individual and group classes, I also still enjoy my career as a professional photographer and graphic artist. My personal passion is my own art, I enjoy creating and selling my charcoal drawing, watercolor paintings, oil painting and sculptures.

Thank you for spending the time to read part of my story and I hope to connect with people who inspire growth, beauty, education and love!

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